Perfect skin with vegan cosmetics

vegan cosmetics

Today I said goodbye to a little helper who has been with me for the last month. I am talking about skin cream Šafránové nebe from die Nikolai. If you read my previous article, you probably know that I am slowly moving towards bio and vegan cosmetics that is healthier for my skin and hair and die Nikolai is another brand that I had to try.

Vegan cosmetics

I am not gonna lie. I am not a vegan, nor a vegetarian. I just wouldn’t be able to handle it since I love meat so much. I don’t have to eat it on everyday basis but I love trying new restaurants and cuisines and I want to have an option to eat everything. When it comes to cosmetic products, that is a different story. I tried couple of vegan skin creams and shampoos and I was always very pleased with them. This skin cream wasn’t an exception. Here are couple of reasons why you should give it a try.

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  1. The beautiful smell – In the past I struggled with some face creams, mostly because their smell was so unpleasant (it took me two weeks to get use to my avocado cream). Šafránové nebe is the exact opposite. I can’t put my finger on the exact ingredient that I smell every time I used it but it just reminded me of a flower field. It was just something so natural and beautiful.
  2. Rapid absorption – I hate oily skin. When it comes to night creams, I can give it a pass but if my day cream leaves my skin oily and shiny, I am not happy. I didn’t have to deal with this problem here, I put the cream on twice a day (mornings and evenings) and my skin always looked perfect. Moisturized but not like oil paining.
  3. Natural ingredients – Linden flower extract, grape seed oil, almond oil or sea buckthorn oil. These are just some of the ingredients that can be found it this product. This organic product also received Demeter certification (the strictest certification of organic products in the world).
  4. Helps with problematic skin – Are you struggling with acne or oily skin? Then this face cream is something you should definitely try. The cream moisturizes and softens your skin while supplying the necessary nutrients. It is also great for everyone who is going through hormone changes (pregnancy, menopause).


Vegan cosmetics

Have you ever tried this product? What is your favorite cosmetics brand? 


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