My favourite restaurants and cafés in Prague

restaurants and cafes is Prague


Breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners. I cannot help it but I love food. I like trying new cuisines, delicious desserts and cocktails that will improve my mood after a day at work. Unfortunately, I am not a great cook. I haven’t set my place on fire yet but let’s face it – it is just a matter of time. So to prevent any catastrophes, I decided to eat out as much as I can (and as much as my wallet allows it). There are many amazing places in Prague yet to discover but I created a small list of my favourite spots.

Restaurants and cafés in Prague

What makes a good restaurant? Firstly, the food. That is probably no brainer. If I don’t like what I am served, there is no way I am ever coming back. However, delicious meals can be ruined by unfriendly staff (this is very common in the Czech Republic) and cold boring interiors. Here are couple of restaurants and cafés in Prague that I fell in love with. Do you know any of them?



The first place that I want to talk about is Gran Fierro. I visited this Argentine restaurant few days ago for the first time and I was blown away. Apart from normal lunches and dinners, they also do all-you-can-eat brunches and it is such a great experience. Right after your arrival, you receive a glass of Mimosa (their version with mango is perfect) and you can choose to sit inside or outside. Make yourselves comfortable and just start feasting. From cold salads, delicate meat, burgers and a lot of specialities to sweet desserts. I honestly thought I was going to explode because I wanted to try everything. There was not a single dish that I wouldn’t enjoy. Other plus points go to the restaurant for helpful staff and beautiful interior. They are also working with sustainable charcoal. This place has everything and I really recommend it if you want to spent lovely time with your loved ones.

Gran Fierro
Myslíkova 8
Praha 2

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Národní 38 is a hidden gem in the center of Prague. It might be not so easy to find it but once you get there, you will fall in love. This place is very photogenic – it has a mass wall and also cute igloos where you can hide from rain and cold. I had to take few photos with my new lace dress that I got from Zalando Lounge. I mean the place is just asking to be photographed.

My favourite food has to be Eggs Benny and Avotoast. They also have a special offer during the weekends. If you buy anything from their brunch or lunch menu, you will receive complementary Mimosa. Who is in?

Národní 38
Národní 38
Praha 1

Indian Jewel prague


Do you love Indian cuisine? If the answer is yet, this other place is just for you. Indian Jewel located in the heart of Prague’s Old Town takes you for a little trip to India where you discover all the traditional meals. I stack with my favourite, Chicken Tikka Masala, but I tried Indian wine for the first time. I am not a huge fan of dry wine so this one was absolutely perfect. Just a little sweet so it goes perfectly with every meal. As a sweet treat, we got a mango sorbet with nuts. Everyone was super friendly and helpful which made this experience even better.

Indian Jewel
Týn 6
Praha 1

Las Adelitas


We covered Indian and Argentinian food. Now it is time to discover Mexico. Las Adelitas is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Prague that offers wonderful drinks and food. You can visit one of their 4 restaurants or La Taquería in Vinohrady. This place is awesome for take away or a quick snack. I mostly go to Las Adelitas to enjoy their margaritas. I am not an alcoholic (yet) but I can appreciate a good cocktail and people at Las Adelitas know their stuff.

Las Adelitas Taquería
Rumunská 237/34

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Honorable mentions

It is impossible to cover all my favourite places in one article. It would take me forever to write and it would still be missing so many amazing restaurants and cafés in Prague. So till next time, I am going to mention couple of other places that I like to visit. Grand Cafe Orient has probably the most amazing interior. This elegant and cubist cafe serves its famous Kubistický věneček. Looking for a perfect brunch? Cafe Elektric, Etapa and Kavárna Místo are just the places for you. Or you can just go for a picnic to one of Prague’s great parks.

What are your favourite restaurants and cafés in Prague?


Photos: Polina Shubkina, Veronika Koníčková, Lucie Srbová


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