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CBD products

After the first big corona outbreak, my family and I were looking for some new ways to stay healthy and boost our immune system. For my birthday I received CBD oil from my father and because of this gift, I discovered an e-shop called Zelená Země. It is a Czech company that specializes in products from hemp. I really liked what they were doing so when I got a message from them asking if I want to test some of their other products, the answer was very clear.

What is CBD?

I am no expert, so I won’t be providing you with an explanation since we all have internet (and let’s face it, we Google almost everything). Instead, I am going to share with you my experience with it. I didn’t see any huge changes for me but my mom, who is suffering from migraines, told me it brought her a relief. So when it comes to CBD oils, everybody reacts differently so you just have to give it a try. I also tried their other products and here is what you should know.

CBD products


  1. Perfect bath – One of the first products that I tried, was called Konopná všekoupel. This infusion bag is perfect for relaxation in the bath and it also helps you with your skin and muscles. The smell is very specific but also pleasant.
  2. Healthy teeth –  We all want to have great teeth, right? That is why I tried their CBD toothpaste. This toothpaste  without fluorine gently foams and provides comprehensive care. Thanks to active natural substances, it leaves teeth perfectly smooth and clean.
  3. Smooth skin – Most of the women I know really care about their faces and they use a lot of products. Sometimes we forget that we should treat our entire body the same. If you are looking for a product that leaves your skin smooth and hydrated, you should try their body cream. I was blown away by its smell and consistency.
  4.  Shiny hair – I tried a lot of hair products and I am always looking for something new and different. Shampoo from Zelená Země smells amazing and it leaves my hair shiny and full of live. What more do you want?
  5. Full stomach – Are you a tea or coffee person? I cannot survive without tea so I had to try their hemp tea which is delicious. Zelená Země also things about those who prefer to start their mornings with coffee. I haven’t tried their product but my uncle told me it tasted really good.


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