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As probably most girls, I love pampering. I am usually very lazy in the morning to have a long beauty routine but my evenings are all about relaxing with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and enjoying a bath or a nice face mask. Lately I have been really into natural cosmetics so when I was asked by Czech e-shop NuSpring if I want to try some of their products, I could not answer quicker. For the last month I have testied their products and here are the results.

Natural cosmetics made with passion

Older I get, the more I care about what I eat and what products I use. We are surrounded by unhealthy things on every corner so it is nice to use something natural once in a while. I still use other cosmetic products but I started using a lot of creams, supplements and other products that come from the nature.  If you want to try something as well, I really recommend NuSpring e-shop. Not only they sell fantastic pieces but their customer service is on point.

nuspring peeling

Rosehip peeling

The product I fell in love with the most has to be their rosehip peeling for oily and problematic skin. I am still fighting with imperfect skin that gets very oily, especially in summer. This peeling works like a charm. I usually use it two or three times a week in the shower and my skin looks instantly better. It helps with acne and other imperfections and its other quality is that it can be used for sensitive skin. Mine can get quite irritated after peeling but I never have a problem with this products.

nuspring products

Healthy skin and hair with natural cosmetics

Who does not love long baths? I am obsessed with trying new bath bombs so I had to give this fizzy bath bomb with coconut oil a shot. And I absolutely loved it. There are a lot of bath bombs on the market but there is one thing that really annoys me about most of them. They ruin my bath. I mean not literally but most of them are super colourful which looks effective but it is not so great once it also colours your entire bath. This bomb does not do that. It also leaves your body super moisturized so you don´t have to put cream on afterwards. Definitely my favourite products that I will try again.

I love solid shampoos. First of all, they are so easy to travel with. I hate carrying thousands of heavy bottles with me and this little shampoo fits even in my smallest purse. Second of all, they leave your hair soft and shiny. I tried their nettle shampoo and it is great. Do not expect amazing smell but it does its job. Do you use solid shampoos?

nuspring avocado cream

Keep hydrated

As I already mentioned, I struggle with problematic skin so avocado cream was my other choice.  I have to admit that first few days I was really not happy about the smell. It is quite strong and not so pleasant but I got used to it. You can use this product every morning and evening but I always put it on in the evening. It is very oily so if I use it in the morning I would look like I am melting.

NuSpring doesn´t only sell cosmetic products but also those amazing bottles. I carry mine with me to remind me to keep hydrated. Do you also drink more water if you have a bottle in front of you or is it just me? What products are you favourite?


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  1. August 9, 2020 / 9:28 pm

    What a wonderful post! I have always been curious about solid shampoos, so this was an especially interesting read.

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