Erika Příhodová: When fashion meets art

Erika Příhodová fashion

Since I was little, I always dreamed about a huge closet. The one that you can just walk in and be surrounded by fashionable clothes, shoes and tons of handbags. Unfortunately, my entire apartment is about a size of this closet so I have to settle for one wardrobe. But that does not stop me from dreaming of whimsical outfits. And this dream of mine comes to life when I am working on my project with Czech fashion designers. Another name of my list is a wonderful designer, artist and person – Erika Příhodová.

Become a real diva

We all want to feel special once in a while and a right outfit can transform you from an ordinary girl to a diva. Erika´s clothes has this exact superpower. The minute I tried on her white dress, I felt like a princess, and once I changed into the silver jacket, I was ready to rule the world. This is exactly what I am looking for at the Czech fashion scene. Originality, boldness, creativity and personality and Erika can transfer all those attributes into her clothes that is not only super editorial but also wearable. The perfect combination.

Erika Příhodová

Erika presented her first collection on a catwalk when she was 18 and she has started many fantastic collaborations since. I have discovered her work on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her pieces. Many Czech designers tend to focus on one particular style or material (I also collaborated with Jana Mikešová who works with knitwear) and their work is recognizable for it. Erika has a broader spectrum (she is also familiar with menswear) but when you see her pieces, you can easily say they come from her atelier. I think this is cause by the fact that she inserts a little bit of herself in every piece.

Fashion and art

The reason behind my project is simple. I want to give Czech designers more coverage so the public gets familiar with them. Their clothes should be in the spotlight but their personality is also super important to me. One shoot takes up a lot of my free time so I have to be able to connect with the designer on the personal level. Erika is an amazing girl who is super easy to be around. I admire her time management, she does seriously million other things (from make-up and painting to playing violin). I am really happy that I had a chance to meet her and I am looking forward to another collaboration.

Erika Příhodová

Just like clothes, even the location has to have a personality. For the shoot with Erika Příhodová, I knew I wanted something fun and fresh and the first thing that came to my mind was Mama Shelter Prague. When I first saw the Mama Penthouse, I was seriously blown away. I mean, who does not want to have a bed on swings, right? The whole room was just perfect for our shoot, the little yellow kitchen, the adorable bed. It was a perfect fit.

Embrace your creativity

Mama Shelter is not only a perfect place for shoots, but also for anyone who is looking for a fun hotel close to the city center. The decoration is so unique and it is just fun to be around. They also have a fantastic restaurant and a terrace for that perfect sunset cocktail. Cannot wait to visit this place for delicious brunch!

Czech fashion designer


Photo: Polina Shubkina

Clothes: Erika Příhodová 

Hair and make-up: Jana Zimandlová

Location: Mama Shelter


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