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If you are following my Instagram, you already noticed the new series of photos made in a collaboration with Czech knitwear designer Jana Mikešová. I discovered her pieces when I was invited to a press conference hosted by Kvartýr studio in Prague. This lovely showroom presents the best of Czech design starting from clothes and jewellery, ending with interior accessories and flowers. If you are all about supporting local artists, visiting this studio is a must.

Knitwear can be sexy

Sometimes less is more. You don´t always need ruffles, glitter or huge bows to get attention. When I went to Kvartýr to choose pieces for our shoot, I immediately fell in love with timeless pieces from Jana. She works under her brand MIK by Jana Mikešová and her specialization is knitwear. Winter collection is all about simplicity, elegance and femininity. I was drawn to the colour spectrum, consisting from both pastel and dark, rich colours and the idea of monochrome shoot was born. When I was younger, I was a big fan of colourful tights and it was super fun to bring this trend back for this cooperation. The result of this poetic blend of materials and different shades of colours turned out better than expected. I guess that always happens if you surround yourself with the most talented people. And Jana is definitely my favourite Czech knitwear designer.

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Jana studied at Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) and she was always captivated by wool. This fascination led her to discover new possibilities for the processing and use of this material. Her beginnings were all about knitted accessories and she gradually made her way towards the creations of dresses and sweaters. Jana works with merino yarn, which is being weaved by her and other materials used by her come mostly from South America and Italy. Some of her collections also consist of leather.

Czech knitwear designer

When buying new clothes, it is absolutely crucial to get clothes that is comfortable. I went through a phase when I wore pieces that were super trendy and beautiful, but they were either super fitted and I could barely breath in them or they were made from itchy materials. This is not the case anymore and my priority is simple: I want clothes that looks good but it also has to comfortable. Pieces from Jana´s collection are exactly that. Her sweaters are so soft and cute, yet they make you look very feminine and sexy. I also own a wool hat from her collection and it became my go-to piece during the winter. Are you also a fan of knitwear?

Jana Mikešová

Being able to discover hidden jems in Prague is another perk of this fantastic project. Everyday I am on a hunt for an interesting location that would fit our shoots. My knowledge of local hotels was minimal, so I am excited every time when I learn about another place. Boutique Hotel Constans was a perfect choice for this shoot.

Luxurious hotel in the centre of Prague

Just few steps from Charles Bridge and The Prague Castle, this four star hotel offers a fantastic experience. All rooms are absolutely spectacular and we used Princess Suite that is equipped with original 19th century Neo-Baroque Viennese and French furniture and three awesome luxurious crystal chandeliers. This place will for sure make you feel like a princess.

czech designer Jana Mikešová


Photo: Polina Shubkina

Clothes: MIK by Jana Mikešová (Kvartýr studio)

Hair and make-up: Jana Zimandlová

Shoes: Deichmann

Location: Boutique Hotel Constans


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  1. March 7, 2020 / 3:31 pm

    These pictures are incredible! I absolutely love stylish knitwear. Thank you for the inspiration!

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