Behind the brand: Josefina Bakošová

Josefina Bakošová

The year 2019 is about to end and what better way to close it than with an article about another talented Czech designer. This time I had a chance to try on wonderful pieces from Josefina Bakošová. Before I tell you a bit more about this great lady, let’s do a little review of the previous year. 2019 has been full of changes and there are three milestones that will hopefully shape my new year. After two and a half years, I quit my job as a Marketing coordinator in a private university. I have learned a lot while being there and met many great people but I also realized that no job is worth a huge amount of stress and heath issues. While having more free time, I started two activities that make me happy. Acting and working with Czech fashion designers. I have always been creative and it was great to enter the film industry for a while. In those few months I got a chance to film a short movie that will be out in about a month, a commercial and I appeared as extras in many TV shows and movies (I am planning to write a separate article about it with some tips). It was super fun though I realized my heart is closer to the theater. Therefore, I want to concentrate more on theater than film and hopefully find a new job in the film industry, but this time behind the scenes. Moreover, 2019 was also the year when I started my project with Czech designers. I had the idea in my head for a while but the key thing was to find a team that will work with me on a regular basis. I couldn’t ask for anyone better, working with both Polina and Jana is absolutely fantastic. Not only they are super talented and full of great ideas, but they also enjoy the project which is the most important thing for me. The whole idea behind it is to connect creative people and create something that everyone loves. And I really love it. There is a lot of work behind it but the result is wonderful. I get to meet great artists, create connections with hotels and interesting locations and turn into a model for a while which is so much fun. And more importantly, I get to discover talented designers that deserve more recognition not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole world. One of them is Josefina.

Who is Josefina Bakošová

It is funny that sometimes you pass one place so many times but you barely pay any attention to it. When I first contacted Josefina about a possible cooperation, I made a little research about her and found out that I have been walking by her showroom, the Harddecore Gallery, almost every day, yet I never went to look inside. That is a shame. This shop sells not only Josefina’s clothes but also other wonderful pieces from Czech and foreign artists, including jewelry, fashion accessories and interior decorations or books.  A paradise for everyone who loves originality and simplicity.

Josefina appeared on the Czech fashion scene in 2007 when she created her first collection under her own label Chi-Chi. This brand lasted till 2014 when she decided to create under her own name. However, Josefina’s journey didn’t start with fashion. She studied graphic design and after falling in love with theater (that and the love for dance are two things that we share), she chose to study scenic and costume design that slowly brought her to fashion. Her beautiful pieces can be purchased online, in Harddecore Gallery in Prague and Josefina hopes to have another places where she can sell her creations.

dress from Josefina Bakošová

Minimalistic approach

I have always loved fashion. That was one of the reasons why I went to Scotland to study Fashion Management and why I started this blog. Being able to try on clothes that I would normally not wear is awesome. I have my own style and when I go shopping for new pieces I usually go for similar things. Fitted dresses and maxi or mini skirts in bright or pastel colours. Before this project started, I would barely go for oversized clothes, dresses in beige or white colour or trousers. However, after trying something completely new, my horrizons were widened and I might buy something different next time I go shopping.

What I love about Josefina’s collection is the diversity. One of my friend absolutely loves the first outfit while I am madly in love with the long black dress. Her ideas for new collections, that according to her come up at 4 in the morning, are great. Find out for yourself, just check out her newest collection Symbiosis. Hopefully Josefina Bakošová will become a big name in the fashion industry worldwide. She really deserves it.

Dresses from Czech designers

It is all about the location

Once choosing the fashion designer, it is time to pick up a location for the shoot. Taking photos outside is quite tricky – you have to either do only one make-up in the studio and get there after or do the make-up outside on the bench or in the restaurant. Therefore, I try to do the shoot in the hotels or apartments, especially in the winter. There are a lot of cool places in Prague but the locations has to fit the designer, the same way as the accessories have to fit the outfit. Meet Me 23, the boutique hotel in Prague, was on my mind for few months, but I was waiting for a designer that will go well with its ambiance. The playful design, the iconic statues and cool exhibitions were a perfect fit for a shoot with Josefina. Every room is unique, their common space is so much fun and I couldn’t get enough of the view from the rooftop. We only used two rooms for this series of photos, so I hope we will come back. Do you know about any other interesting place for a shoot?

Czech designers in Prague


Photo: Polina Shubkina

Dress: Josefina Bakošová (Harddecore Gallery)

Hair and make-up: Jana Zimandlová

Jewellery: Luba Bakičová

Shoes: Deichmann

Bag: CCC shoes


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