Coolest hand painted sneakers

hand painted sneakers

There was one thing that was missing from my closet. Cool hand painted sneakers and I finally have them. While working on the project with Czech fashion designers, I also try to cooperate with other Czech artists and creators. There are so many super talented people in Prague and one of them is Petra Halámková, lovely lady staying behind a brand called PEdesign. If you are looking for original, one of a kind pair of shoes, she is the person to go to.

Unique addition to your shoe cabinet

Has it ever happened to you that you bumped into somebody who was wearing the same dress, coat or a pair of boots? These days, it could be quite tricky to wear clothes that no one else has. Big clothing retailers such as Zara, H&M, Mango or Reserved offer a huge range of affordable, fashionable pieces that are being sold to thousands of people. This leads to a situation when you meet five other girls wearing the exact same dress to a party. To avoid this, you should buy clothes from small fashion designers. Not only you usually get an original piece but you also support the local production. In my previous articles, I told you a bit about some Czech designers who will create a perfect dress, jacket or fascinator for you. Today I will put a spotlight on shoes. While I am a huge fan of heels and boots, I always wanted to own sneakers. Unfortunately, I could never find a pair that I really liked. I was looking for shoes I could wear with a dress (I didn’t want anything too sporty) and it was important to get something that will reflect my personality. When I first met Petra, I was so excited about her brand. Her hand painted sneakers are artistic, cool, funny and most importantly, unique.

hand painted sneakers

Colorful, abstract, with your favorite animals. PEdesign will create sneakers, flat shoes or slippers of your dreams. You can either come up with a specific idea or you can talk to Petra and create the new design together with her. I knew I wanted shoes in happy pastel colours with funny and adorable alpacas on them. I sent Petra couple of alpaca pictures and left the rest totally up to her. I don’t know how about you, but I was blown away by the result. It is funny, different, original and it stands out. I also received different colored shoe laces so I can combine it with different outfits. Absolutely amazing and I do not have to worry about someone else wearing the same design.

Hand painted sneakers for everyone

Petra created her brand quite recently, in August 2018 when her daughter started going to the kindergarten. Petra knew she wanted to do something more creative than working in the office and after some time, the idea of painted shoes was born. Her work is about experimenting with different material, techniques and colours so she can offer her customers the best products.

original sneakers Prague

The design is entirely up to, the portfolio of PEdesign consist of simple pieces with geometric design as well as of incredible illustrations. One of her recent customers wanted to create a pair with Kurt Cobain so you can use your imagination and get shoes that will get everyone’s attention. PEdesing doesn’t focus only on women’s shoes, you can also get a pair for your husband, father or your little kid. Do you feel like you need a pair (or two)? You can order your piece online by contacting Petra. She will help you with the entire process, from choosing the right type of shoes, creating the motive and delivering them to you. Easy like that! What do you think? What motive would you choose for your shoes?


Photo: Polina Shubkina, PEdesign

Dress: Josefina Bakošová (Harddecore Gallery)

Hair and make-up: Jana Zimandlová


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    Oh wow, those look amazing. What a fabulous design!

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