Czech fashion scene: Denisa Dovalová

Czech fashion designer in Prague

It is incredible to see how many talented Czech fashion designers are around. When I started this new fashion project I had no idea where it is going to take me. It has been only a few weeks since its start and we already have so many different ideas and plans for the future. Everything is way easier if you work with a fantastic team and I am lucky I get to work with Polina, the super talented photographer, and make-up artist and hair stylist Jana. Last time I introduced you brand called Fascinatory LB. Today I am going to talk about Denisa Dovalová, a Czech fashion designer from Prague.

módní návrhářka Denisa Dovalová

When Czech fashion meets art

Denisa studied Fashion Design at University of Tomas Bata in Zlin to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a famous fashion designer. She also spent some time at Iris van Herpen atelier where she gained more experience. In 2014 Denisa won the Talent Black Card, a competition for young fashion designers organized by Unique Prague Fashion Week. Her brand DVL by Denisa Dovala interprets emotions and attitudes and every item is an original piece of art. What I love about her collections is the fact that all the pieces are super editorial yet you can wear them to a fashion event or to a gallery opening. Some of her dresses are ready-to-wear, some are more artistic, but they all reflect her state of mind and her personality.

Czech fashion with a vision

”Concept and theme. When I am creating a new collection, I perceive it as my artistic expression so every detail in my dress has to have a hidden meaning.” That is how Denisa explains her creative process. You can see it in her pieces that everything was created for a reason and all pieces are different yet they create a cohesive collection. Having an own identity is crucial for Denisa and I believe she has her signature style and you can easily recognize that the piece came from her atelier.

Czech fashion blog Prague

Welcome to the future

The creative process behind every shoot is so much fun. Polina is always responsible for a location while Jana creates make-up and hair styles that fit our vision. Denisa’s clothes looked absolutely phenomenal in a futuristic wine bar in Prague, called Cyberdog. It was created by a famous artist and sculptor David Černý and it is the only place in Prague where you are served by a robot. You can order your drink through a tablet and the robotic hand will prepare the drink for you. Fantastic experience from another world.

česká módní blogerka

Collaboration with Czech fashion brands

Helping each other. That was the main reason behind this Czech fashion project. Therefore, I am trying to involve as many designers and authors as possible. To match Denisa Dovalová’s pieces, we decided to cooperate with the brand Chainmaille Rena. Its handmade jewelry added a great statement to the whole shoot and it was a pleasure to meet the woman who creates those wonderful pieces. What do you think? Do you like these talented authors?


Photography: Polina Shubkina

Make- up and hair: Jana Zimandlová

Dresses: DVL by Denisa Dovala

Jewelry: Chainmaille Rena

Shoes: CCC & shoes bags

Location: Cyberdog


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