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Living not very far from Berlin, it is surprising that I only visited it twice (and the first time I only spent there one day). Nevertheless, I finally had a chance to properly explore the city and I created this Berlin travel guide for all of you who are thinking of going to Germany to enjoy this vibrant place.

Monbijou hotel in Berlin

Where to stay in Berlin (Berlin travel guide, hotels)

Before you even get to Berlin, it is time to figure out where to stay there and how to get there. Since you are all from different countries and cities, I cannot give you an advice about the transportation. If you are travelling from Prague as I did, I would recommend to go by train. I usually prefer planes but if you calculate how long you have to be at the airport before the actual flight, you will find out that the train is almost quicker. I went with České dráhy and it was super comfortable (you have free wifi, charger and you can buy water and some refreshment). Just make sure you reserve your seat, it gets super busy. Once you find yourself in Berlin, you will have a plenty of choices for accommodation. I stayed in a wonderful boutique hotel in the center of Berlin. You can read about my experience in Monbijou Hotel Berlin here. I would recommend it for its amazing location (just 10 min from the train station or 30 min from the airport). If you are not into hotels, Airbnb in always a cheap option, as well as hostels. Berlin has also many unusual and quirky places, such as Hüttenpalast. The other great options are Circus Hotel, Generator Mitte and The Yard.

Food guide to Berlin

What to eat in Berlin

I am a huge foodie so when I do my research about the city, I always start with food. Berlin has so many fantastic restaurants and there are few you should definitely visit. I could eat brunch all day long so I automatically search for brunch places on every holiday. My ultimate spot was Commonground but unfortunatelly we didn’t manage to get a space there. Luckily another perfect place is just around the corner from there. Factory Girl Berlin has inside and outside seating and their food is incredible. I tried Eggs Benedict with Belini and I wasn’t disappointed. I usually try to avoid busy streets since I am not a huge fan of touristic places but I was surprised by Momotaro tavern which is located right at the Alexanderplatz. Their American burgers with Asian flavours are amazing. Staying with Asian cuisine, another fantastic place (mostly for dinner) is Eden Restaurant. Night life in Berlin is also definitely worth mentioning. From small bars to hipster clubs, Berlin has it all. You can also drink in the streets and smoke inside the bars which was quite a shock for me since the Czech Republic has banned those things.

Ultimate guide to Berlin

How to travel in Berlin

Exploring Berlin cannot be easier. The public transport is absolutely amazing (and I live in Prague so I have high expectations) and you will get everywhere by using U-Bahn, S-Bahn or tram. Not once I had to use a taxi which was super convinient. You can buy single tickets for public transport but if you are staying for more than one day, you should get the Berlin Welcome Card. Three day ticket costs 29 euros and with this ticket, you get plenty of discounts around the city. Restaurants, museums, bike tours and many more. I used my discount to do the most touristy thing ever, the bus tour. I chose the City Circle but you can basically go for any company (their prices are very similar and so are the routes). I usually try to go avoid places filled with tourists but the first day, I want to see the biggest landmarks. Those bus tours are best for it. They will take you to all the important places and it will save you a lot of time searching where to go and what public transport to take there.

Průvodce Berlínem

What to visit in Berlin (Berlin travel guide)

Berlin is a huge city so if you want to properly explore it, you should stay here at least 3 days. As I already mentioned, the best way to see most of the biggest monuments and attractions, is to go on a bus tour. Our tour covered Postdamer Platz, Checkpoint Charlie, Fountain of Neptune, Museum Island, Berlin Central Station, Victory Column and many more. We only chose couple of places to discover properly, one of them being the Museum Island. It is located right next to the Berliner Dome and it consists of 5 museum, including Pergamon Museum, Old Museum and Old National Gallery. If you prefer to stay outdoors while discovering the city but you are not the biggest fan of walking, boat tours are just for you. There are plenty of options, I would recommend the City Centre Tour. The 1,5 hours tour will take you past the Television Tower, Reichstag Building and many more. If you are a student, bring your student card to get a discount. Berlin is a really big city, we only had a chance to see Mitte, Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg. So there is one thing for sure. You will never be bored in here. How did you like this Berlin travel guide?

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Berlin travel guide



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