How to travel on budget

Travel on budget

I love travelling but sometimes it can get really expensive. It used to stop me from exploring the world but then I learnt how to travel on budget. I would love to stay in expensive resorts, travel first class, eat in fancy restaurants and shop in local designer shops, but since I am not super rich at the moment, I have to settle for cheaper options. Just be smart about your choices and you can enjoy a wonderful holiday that won’t ruin your budget.

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Whenever I decide to visit a new country, I always do a proper research. First I start with transportation. If there is an option to go by train or bus (and it is cheaper than the plane), I tend to go with it. I am a huge fan of trains since they are way more comfortable than buses, I can work there and you have more space around you. Three weeks ago I went to Brno which is about 2,5 hours from Prague and I managed to finish so many things I have been working on. For some reason I am not that productive in a plane or in a bus (mostly because I have a motion sickness in the bus), so whenever I find a cheap train ticket, I go for this option. Having said that, I cannot travel more then 6 hours in the train (I am just too old for this), so if I travel to a country that is quite far away, I always go by plane. Low cost flights are usually pretty cheap and they serve its purpose. You can usually fit quite a lot of things in your hand luggage so there is no need of spending money on an extra suitcase. When I travel for more than a week, I always split an extra suitcase with my friend so we both have an extra space but at the same time, we save money. The best way to find the cheapest flights is to use Skyscanner. It will not only find the cheapest versions but also the fastest.

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The airport is a dangerous place. I don´t mean it in a sence that you should be worried about your safety, but that you should be scared about your wallet. Everything is super expensive in here so you should be smart about it. You cannot take water with you but I take an empty plastic bottle with me that I refill at the airport (most of them have little fountains and it is way better then paying 3 Euros for a small water). If I know I have a layover at the airport and I will most likely get hungry, I pack little snacks with me. There is no reason for spending huge amount of money on food that is not even that good.

Travel on budget with Airbnb

Once you know how to get there, you should think about where to stay. I mostly stay in hotels only during business or press trips. If I travel for fun, my number one choice is Airbnb. I used to be a huge fan of hostels since you meet amazing people from all over the world there. However, I prefer to have my privacy and I don’t like people disturbing me when I try to sleep so booking an apartment at Airbnb is the best option for me. You can choose really cheap ones and if you travel with more friends, you can save a lot of money. Just be sure to book everything on time, last minute purchases can be pretty expensive.

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You might be wondering why I chose those photos for this article. It is simple, I visited this luxury hotel in Kos last year and I paid only a half price for it. How? Proper research and waiting for the price to drop. This one might be a bit tricky if you have a specific place in mind and if you only have a vacation during specific days. If you are lucky enough and you can leave whenever you want to, I recommend checking your favourite resorts and waiting for the cheapest prices. It also helps if you travel in a low season. We usually go for our summer vacation at the end of June and it is way cheaper than in July and you are also not surrounded by million people.

Other tips to travel on budget

It is way easier and more convenient to use taxis or Uber while travelling to a different country but it is also usually more expensive. If you can, try to use the public transport. Most cities in Europe have a wonderful transport structure and if you get a daily ticket, you can save a lot of money. Other thing that helped me in the past was buying tickets to tourist attractions in advance. Not only it will secure your spot, but you can also get some great deals. I also use discount portals (if you are visiting Czech Republic, try Slevomat) – I got museum tickets with 30% discount which is great. What are your tips when you try to travel on budget?

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    Úplne skvelý článok, ktorý sa pred letnou sezónou dovoleniek veľmi hodí. 😉 Slevomat niekedy musím skúsiť, lebo služby takýchto stránok zatiaľ veľmi nevyužívam. Inak ale tiež rada cestujem vlakom a na výlety bookujem jedine Airbnb. 🙂

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