Become an actor in Anybody hotel in Brno

Become an actor in Anybody hotel in Brno

What did you want to be as a child? I always thought that being an actor or actress is super cool, but I never pursued that career when I was older. On my recent trip to Brno, I finally got a chance to try my acting skills. Not in a theater, but in a hotel. Anybody hotel in Brno totally blew my mind. Their advertisement is definitely not wrong, it is 20% hotel, 80% experience. Unforgettable experience. I am really glad I could to share it with my friend and fellow blogger Alex, who also took these wonderful photos.

Easy online check-in to Anybody hotel Brno

When booking our stay, we had a chance to choose from 5 different rooms, each inspired by different movie. Are you a James Bond fan? Then Casino Fatale room inspired by Goldfinger would be your best option. If you prefer Manhattan elegance and luxury, then you clearly have to go for the same room as we did. Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this room will make you forget about your everyday life. So how does it work and why is it different? First of all, the hotel doesn’t have a reception and the entire process of checking in is happening online. You can arrive any time after 2 PM and after paying a deposit of 5000 Kč, you receive a code to your room. After taking elevator to the third floor, you will find yourself in a completely different world. Apart from the room being absolutely beautiful (just look at the bath and bed), you get to play a role here. Any role you choose. Every room has its own tablet with several settings and a huge START button. By a single click, you can change the music and lights in the room. The combination of neon lights is unbelievable. Red, pink, blue, green, combination of colors, mist. You name it. And this is just a beginning.

Become an actor in Anybody hotel in Brno

Pretty woman or Harry Potter

Now it is time to get into the character. If you explore the room a little bit, you will find a lot of different props from several movies (don’t forget to check the big gold chest box). Wigs, glasses, gold shoes, ukulele, even a whip from Indiana Jones movie. Once you look like the character, it is time to learn you lines from the scripts that are prepared for you. What does every actor need to give a great performance? A good director! Use your tablet to select Scene 1 and follow the steps. The director will explain the scene for you and all you have to do is follow his requests. The rooms hides several games that should be played throughout the scenes. Test your knowledge (I realized I was not great in remembering movie quotes) and most importantly, have fun! I won´t be telling you all the games cause I don’t want to spoil it for you but it is definitely an unforgettable experience. Props to the people behind the concept, I have never seen anything similar.

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Easy ride from Prague to Brno

This was my third time in Brno and I was excited to explore it a little bit more. If you never been here and you are wondering what are the best ways to get to the hotel, I would recommend to go there either by car or train. As a horrible driver, we had to choose option n. 2. Usually it is a super easy train ride from Brno that takes about 2,5 hours. I always choose Regiojet and their Relax ticket since you have your table, charger, wifi and free drinks, but you can use other train companies. The hotel is right in the center on Zelný trh, which is super close to the train station. Even with our heavy suitcases (we were here for 1 night and somehow we still managed to have a full suitcase), we were there in about 10 minutes. The location is absolutely perfect. In just few minutes, you are on the main shopping street and if you get hungry, you can choose from many different restaurants. I was so happy to discover that Faency Fries has their little place here in Brno. Their fries are to die for, trust me.

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Best breakfast in Brno

After your incredible performance, you will definitely be hungry. Anybody hotel doesn’t have its own restaurant but offers you something better. You can choose from four restaurants that are just around corner and have a breakfast there (it is included in the price). We decided to check 4pokoje which serves both as a restaurant and as a bar. For our breakfast, we both chose their special Eggs Benedict and tea and it was delicious. They also offer amazing cocktails so if you like to treat yourself once in a while, try couple of their signature cocktails. You will love it. Do you also love travelling? Check out my trips to Porto and Kos island.

You can find more hotels like this on my new website Cestuji Českem.

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