The Seven Year Itch (university article)


I am not very happy to admit it but I kinda reached the age when I started thinking about getting married. I am sure that I am slightly infulenced by most of my married classmates having kids and also all those American TV shows that ends with a huge happy wedding. Well, who wouldnt like to marry Barney Stinson or Chuck Bass? Anyway I found myself looking at beautiful wedding dresses more and more often and I already decided that my dress has to be made by Elie Saab. The only problem I am facing now is finding a husband. Unfortunatelly, Aberdeen is not a city with a lot of handsome men so I have to wait until I move somewhere else. New York hopefully. The reason why I mentioned my dream wedding is because I am going to talk about white colour today. Wedding dresses are the first thing that comes to my mind while thinking about white.
White is such a pure and elegant colour that screams cleanliness, softness and innocence which is the main reason for using it on wedding robes. Though these times no bride is exactly innocent and pure. But you get my point. White also used to be a colour of rich people because poor people couldnt afford to clean their clothes on regular basis and as we all know white doesnt stay white for long. Especially for me who always spill drinks and have more ice cream on the clothes then in the mouth.
White shirt is one of the basic garments that should appear in every closet. It is versatile and it can be worn with absolutely everything. White outfits can be very sophisticated but too much white can come across as cold and unemotional. We all know the phrase Cold as ice so try to avoid looking unfriendly and distant.

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  1. the second dress is too nice^_^xoxo

  2. must say dresses look so good on you
    last white one is my fav
    Keep in touch

  3. White is a favorite of mine, wonderful looks :)

  4. Weddings are a part of life....but it can feel strange when everyone around you starts pairing off!

  5. Lovely girl and good shots !!!...
    ... especially the two last shots!!
    I hope no health problems?

  6. Great photos :)

  7. Pretty outfits!


  8. I think mid-twenties was when I began thinking of marriage ! And now I'm doing a Bridal Files series on my blog! I'm sure you'll find someone soon who is perfect for you!You have a lot of years ahead of you.
    White dresses look amazing with your hair,btw!

  9. White is a great color even now for Xmas :-) You look lovely in all dresses.


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