Green mile (university article)


Green is widely known as a colour of nature and money. That must be the reason why I really like it because I really like both nature and money...well one of them little bit more but let's not say which one.
Green is an emotionally positive colour which brings hope and happiness. It will also help you relax and alleviate depression and nervousness. I really feel like my study room should be painted green to stop me from freaking out before my exams. Or maybe lecturers should start marking all the exams and course works in a green environment (just to clarify, I don't mean they should be in a room when everything is recyclable). It will make them more generous and give them hope that even if the coursework is a total crap the student still has much more to show up. I know it is just a utopia but where else to express my great ideas for improvement of the school system than here on my blog.
''Green with envy'' is a commonly used phrase which does not give green colour the best reputation. Therefore, this colour wasn't particularly popular in the past and it was only in 1930's when PR tycoon Edward Bernays changed the public's view on green. He hosted a Green Ball where he tried to show the beauty and uniqueness of green to fashion editors, interior designers and owners of department stores. He hoped that green would become an appealing colour and American women would start appreciate it a bit more. And why did he do all that? To promote the latest product of his employer - the new green package of Lucky Strikes Cigarettes. So at the end, women started wearing more green and also got a lung cancer. Good for you, Edward.

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  1. Green is definitely a powerful colour. You look beautiful in these shots.

  2. That is so interesting. Never heard of the green ball before. I do know the green-eyed monster is jealousy though :) Such lovely shots of you sweetie! I wish so much I could have seen more of those tights in the first shot but even the thought was enough :) Green means go and your post was wonderful :) xoxo

    1. That's so true! Indulge us with more photos of the first outfit, pleeease ;)

  3. you look great with that colour! I love it and really like all your outfits :)
    Xx, Macarena.

  4. Green is perfect on you. You're so pretty :)

  5. ohhh, very interesting facts Lucy. :) I'm loving this series of info you're doing for your university articles - well done! :D
    By the way, if you have instagram, my fashion brand @phosizzlethreads is having a worldwide giveaway for a green dress made of african wax cotton - if you have instagram and you're interested, you should totally check it out! :D

  6. haha:D super článek! zelená barva ti šíleně sluší!:) já si jí teď nejvíc spojuji s Vánoci!♥

  7. Green is definitely your color! You look fabulous!

  8. Ač zelenou barvu až tak nemusím tak toto vypadá vše moc hezky :)

  9. Pretty photos! Love that green coat!



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