Despicable me (university article)


First of all I need to ask you something. Is it just me or would anyone else like to own a minion? They are just so cute, funny and stupid! My favorite combination. :) But I guess this is not the topic of this article though there is nothing that represent yellow colour more than them.
If there is a difficult colour to wear it has to be yellow. At least for me. I love it cause it represents joy and happiness. However, there is no colour that will capture our attention than yellow. It basically screams ''Look at me!''. Why do you think that it is often used for cautionary signs? I also read an article about American school buses and the reason they are bright yellow. I never thought that it has to do something with safety rules and regulations in the US. Yes, federal law requires it to protect American children from accidents on roads. To apply this to the fashion world you should wear a yellow outfit if you are not scared to be in the centre of the attention. Because I can guarantee you that you will be seen. If you overuse yellow it can become very empowering and difficult to look at but it is definitely a fun colour to wear. Especially in the spring when all the bugs (absolutely all of them) somehow end up on your yellow top and you feel like in a Hitchcock movie. I am familiar with the fact that he made a horror about birds not bugs but for someone like me who is absolutely terrified of insect it is pretty much the same. So no more yellow for me during the warm days.
Last of all, yellow is a very optimistic colour so if you want to cheer yourself and people around you up put on some yellow blouse or dress (but be aware of the bugs...there are everywhere).

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14 komentářů

  1. I like yellow! My favorite combo is the one you are wearing.

  2. I'd love my own minion....yesssss!! It would be amazing. I love yellow, but its a colour that I have not worn too often...I think I will have to change that after Christmas :)) You look gorgeous xx

  3. Žlutá je pěkná barva, ale já ji tolik nenosím. Tobě moc sluší!

  4. Love minions too! And also yellow, this color suits you very well Lucy! xo

  5. Minions are cute right :) Lovely looks <3

  6. Gorgeous outfit!


  7. A minion? Yes please!! Bugs on me? Oh goodness no never please :) hate those nasty things! You look radiant in yellow my sweet sunbeam beauty :) xoxo

  8. looking fab in yellow , really liked the bag

  9. najviac sa mi páči druhý outfit, žltá ti pristane :)

  10. achjoo to si moc nepočtu když už to tu začalo být všechno v AJ :( škoda no

    1. To byly jenom ty články do školy...teď už to zase bude v obou jazycích.


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