28. 7. 2015

Summer maxi dress

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I am really happy at the moment. Back in Aberdeen I had great friends and ok job (with great money) but every day was the same. You work in the morning, come home, meet your friend and go for a dinner or drink with them. I am not saying I didn't like it but right now everything is completely different. I have no idea what the next week is going to bring (maybe I will be interviewing Ryan Gosling....or more likely organising archive, but I am getting there :D). I started my placement a week ago and so far I already had a chance to go to an art exhibition, assist a photo shoot and write an article. And upcoming days will be even more busy and fun. I have another photo shoot on Thursday and next Wednesday I will be on a picnic with five fashion bloggers and our Cosmo team. Working for a magazine is so much fun, though it is a hard work. 
Those pics were taken on Sunday when me and my mom were discovering Prague's restaurants. You can see more on my Instagram so don't forget to follow. :)

26. 7. 2015

Black and white

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As you can see most of my outfits are super colorful. I just love playing with different shades and patterns. However, today I have decided to wear a simple, yet stylish black and white outfit. I discovered this awesome coat in Primark and I absolutely fell in love with it.
So far my weekend was pretty good. Yesterday I met my friend who lives in Aberdeen and today I am celebrating my birthday with my mom. Looks like we are gonna have a cocktail...or two. I am so excited to see what the next week at work is going to bring. The only thing I am still struggling with is finding a photographer or a blogger who would cooperate with me. It is way easier to work with someone who love doing the same things than standing in the middle of the street with a tripod (I am still scared someone is going to grab it and run away).

24. 7. 2015

Behind the scene with Cosmopolitan

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During the end of last semester I was thinking about creating a new topic for my blog that would differ my blog from others. It was really hard since there are thousands of them covering almost everything. And then I started working for Cosmopolitan. This experience allows me to access photo shoots, events and art exhibitions and I think it will be great to share it with you. So apart from my everyday outfits I will be sharing photos featuring how it works in the editorial office. I hope you will like it because I was always interested in what is going on behind the scene. And trust me....it is totally different than in the movie Devil Wears Prada. :)

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22. 7. 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

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I cannot believe I am 25 years old! It feels like yesterday when I celebrated my 18th birthday. So much have changed since that and most of it was for better which I am very grateful for. I study what I love, live in a great city and have the best friends ever (sadly most of them are thousands kilometers away). I really hope this year will be my year and I will achieve as much as I can. I want to thank all my followers for such a great support, even at times when I was posting twice a month. :) Thanks!

21. 7. 2015

My first day at work

Hello everyone. The new chapter of my life just began and I am really excited to see what this year is going to bring. I just moved to the new flat in Prague and hopefully I will be able to unpack soon (my uncle's been living in boxes for almost two years so I don't want to end up like him). I also started my placement in Cosmopolitan magazine which is still pretty unreal. I was worried that I would be treated differently since I am not a proper employee but everyone is super nice so far. I have my own computer and I already started working on an article for the next issue. Moreover, I am going to write a small article about an art exhibition that I am going to visit this week. Well….so far it sounds pretty amazing and I hope this would be a huge step in chasing my dream job.
I was also relieved when I found out that I can wear whatever I want to. I don't think I would survive in the environment where I am only allowed to wear pencil skirt and white skirts. I want to be able to dress according to my mood. I felt like this overal was a great outfit for work. It is super comfortable but also fashionable.
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19. 7. 2015

Moving away

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So here it is. I am officially moving to Prague today and I am planning to stay there one year before moving back to Scotland. I am really excited about starting my placement though it is pretty scary. I will tell you more tomorrow after my first day at work. I also hope I will meet many interesting people I can hang out with or cooperate with. So far I do not have almost any friends there so it can only get better. :)

18. 7. 2015

Museum and botanical garden

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The last day in Lisbon was amazing. Firstly we went to a botanical garden and I overcame my fear of butterflies and went to a butterfly house. I dont know if I am the only one but I am really scared of everything that flies. I am ok with spiders and snakes but insect that flies is just the worst.
After that we finally had a chance to visit the Berardo museum of modern art. A lot of people are not huge fans of modern art but I really like it. I agree that some pieces were a bit controvesial or weird but the whole exhibition was definitely worth visiting.
Now when our trip is over it is time to go back to reality. I am moving to Prague tomorrow so hopefully everything will work out for me.