27. 8. 2015

Pop-up redakce časopisu Cosmopolitan

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Yesterday I had a chance to attend my first Cosmopolitan event as their team member and it was absolutely amazing! I was taking care of Stella McCartney's collection for Adidas where I was helping our lovely readers to create an outfit. Then they were photographed in it and three of them will win a bag from this collection. I was also photographed in a great short jacket that I fell in love with. So if someone wants to make me happy... :-)
We were so lucky when it comes to weather since it was sunny and hot. Everyone was in a really good mood and I enjoyed talking to all people who came to try the collection. The rest of the editorial board was in the second tent where they entertained everyone who came along. It was such a pleasure to work with such a fantastic team and I am really lucky to have a great job like this.

25. 8. 2015

New wardrobe

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My plan was easy. I wanted to take a look into my wardrobe and decide what clothes I don't wear anymore. I spent about 30 minutes with it and I created two huge piles of unwanted clothes. I started selling it and three days after I went through the clothes that was still there. I tried few pieces on and I put them back in my closet. I am aware that I haven't worn most if for years but I somehow felt that I needed to keep it. Do you have the same problem or is it easy for you to get rid of old clothes? I didn't keep that much but I couldn't say goodbye to this dress (I wore it as a skirt). Maybe I will sell it one day....but not today.

22. 8. 2015


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How is your weekend? I am home relaxing and preparing myself for another busy week in Prague. Tomorrow I am planning to have a lovely lunch and drinks with my mom and maybe take couple of pics while it is so beautiful outside.

20. 8. 2015

Floral combo

česká blogerka, módní blogerka, lucie srbová, style without limits
It is official. I have no social life. :-) I spend most of the time at work which makes it really difficult for me to find new friends. I really need to start going out and I hope the Czech Fashion Week will give me a great opportunity to meet new people.
We also have a pop-up event with our Cosmo team where I will work as a stylist for Stella McCartney collection for Adidas so I am sure I will have so much fun there. Hopefully it won't rain.

18. 8. 2015


stáž v cosmopolitanu, style withouts limits, česká blogerka, módní blogerka

I complain if it is too hot. Then I complaint when it is raining. Well it looks like I will never be happy. :) The rain is annoying but I feel like I am more productive at work now. I keep working on my article for Cosmopolitan (and waiting for advertiser to send pics) and I am just starting to work as a PR assistant for a Czech designer Jana Minaříková. I have absolutely no time but I enjoy it. If the placement for Cosmo was paid I would over the moon. But at least it is a great opportunity to gain experience.
While it is raining outside here are some pics I took few days ago when it was still super hot.

16. 8. 2015


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S mamkou / With mom                                                                                       Karlovy Vary
Hello everyone. Hope that you are enjoying your weekend. I am just relaxing and preparing for busy week. I have so many exciting projects in front of me (I will reveal it soon) so follow me on Instagram to know what is happening. Cosmopolitan team will also have a pop-up editorial board which would be a great opportunity for everyone to see how it looks like when we work. :)
In the meantime, here are few Insta pics from previous days.

13. 8. 2015

Goodbye brain!

lucie srbová, stáž v cosmopolitanu, style without limits, česká módní blogerka
I don't want to complain but this weather is slowly killing me. Right now I am sitting at work and I cannot do anything. I feel like my brain is gone and it is not coming back any time soon. It would be ok if I wasn't so busy. Cosmo always keeps me busy (in a really good way) and I am also starting working for a Czech fashion designer Jana Minaříková so you can expect post about her and her collections. I also getting ready for Czech Fashion Week as I will have a journalist pass. I would like to write more but I am afraid I cannot think. Damn you sun! :-)