7. 10. 2015

Wolf within

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Hello, hello. I realized one thing...I am a workaholic. At the moment there is not that much to do at work so other normal people would be happy about it. But not me. My brain is panicking that something is wrong because I am not used to it. So instead of enjoying the moments of relaxation I am looking for something else to do. Well at least I can concentrate on my blog properly.
Today I am going to introduce you a new shop I discovered. It is called Dirty Velvet and their T-shirts are so interesting. I am not a girl that you can easily see in a basic tee, jeans and sneakers so it has to be a special design to catch me eyes. And those really did. I got two T-shirts (I will show you the second one later) and the one I wearing now is called Wolf Within. When I saw it I fell in love with it. It is not like a normal top with a pic of a cat (I love cats but that is a different story). It tells a story. A story that everyone knows. I have a feeling that people are hiding who they really are. You can't show the real you at work (I am not saying you are pretending to be a different person but you can't show your boss all your sides) and even in general, you want to show only your better YOU. Maybe it is just me and for you it is only a cool T-shirts. No matter what, I think the design is pretty cool. What do you think?

5. 10. 2015

JORD watches

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Happy Monday everybody. I am still half asleep because I had to wake up at 6 but it should be ok soon. I am not sure what will this week bring but I hope I will not be super busy. It will be nice to have a relaxed week.
Today I am going to show you my newest watch. They are from the shop called JORD and as you can see they are made from wood. I have never thought that wood could be so elegant and sophisticated but it clearly is. I absolutely love them and I will start wearing them once they fit me properly. You see I feel like I am absolutely useless. The assistent from the shop was so kind and she said she would send me the watch according to my wrist size. All I have to do is to measure it. How hard can it be? Well based on the result I think I underestimated it. That means that I have to have them resized but I am sure it will be worth it. What do you think about the wood watch? Check out their shop, you will definitely fall in love with it.

3. 10. 2015

We wear ... Houndstooth

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Hello everyone! How is your weekend? I am home and working on my blog. Besides my everyday´s outfits, reports from fashion shows and collaboration with designer Jana Minaříková you can expect another topic on my blog. I convinced my family to pose with me and I absolutely love the results. So once in a while you can see us three wearing similar prints and colours. It is hilarious process cause everyone is doing weird faces and finding a pic where we all look good is almost impossible. This time we chose houndstooth print that is very elegant. You have a chance to see three different interpretation of it and I hope you will like it. Next time you can expect us wearing leather. What do you think about this idea?

2. 10. 2015

Watch me

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Hello everyone! First of all I have share with you my excitement. I think I discovered a new favorite shop. On Wednesday I attended another Yelp Prague event and I had a fantastic time. My wallet enjoyed it a little less but it is impossible to please everyone. We went to Bohemian Retro which is a small vintage shop. The owner is an absolutely amazing lady and she sells the most amazing clothes. I always have a thing for vintage clothes because it has a charm in it. It is different and it tells a story. And so does the whole shop. If you ever visit Prague you should definitely visit it.
Well and second of all I have a new watch that is super cute. It is from online shop DressIn and I absolutely love it. Tell me yourself....how cute is the cat? I paired it with this gorgeous cardi from Jana Minaříková (her clothes is just so pretty and wearable). How do you like it?

30. 9. 2015

Dress or cardigan?

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How is your Wednesday? I am excited that the weekend is almost here (I am off on Friday so it is really close) and I am preparing several projects. I am working on several articles about fashion and I am also preparing a product page as a stylist. I absolutely love it but it is so stressful since it is my first job in this area. Hopefully my boss will be happy with it. Tonight I am going to another Yelp event and this time it is not going to be in a restaurant or a bar but in a retro shop. Therefore, I am really excited about it since I will have a chance to speak with the owner. Another project I am working on is in collaboration with Jana Minaříková, a Czech designer. I already wore her skirt (click here) and today I am wearing her long cardigan as a dress. I love pieces that can be worn different ways. Apart of taking pics in her clothes I am also helping her with PR and social media. We are so lucky that a Czech actress and blogger Marie Doležalová will be the face of the brand. Tomorrow we are meeting her and I will take pics of the whole meeting. You can expect a post about here very soon then. :-) I am also going to an event of brand Pandora that is celebrating 5th birthday. Looks like a busy day so far so I hope it will be fun.

28. 9. 2015

Under my umbrella

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Hello! The post I was talking about in the past is here. I collaborate with Czech fashion designer Jana Minaříková and you can expect several posts about her. Not only that I will show you how her atelier look like but I will also show you some of her clothes. In today´s post you can see a skirt that Jana made. This must be the longest skirt I have ever worn but I really love it. :-) It is made from a great material and it is so comfortable. Perfect item for work! Which reminds me that I have to work tomorrow....why is the weekend so short??!!

26. 9. 2015

Cosmopolitan feature

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Hey there! As I mentioned before I appeared in the newest Czech Cosmopolitan. Thanks to my boss I had a chance to design a T-shirt in cooperation with online shop ZOOT. This top will be sold and 20% of the price will go to the charity. I am really glad that I can do something creative while helping people who need it. As a Cosmo intern I also write articles and create product pages. Since this is a first issue I was fully working on I want to show you what I have done. So I not only have a pic of me with my T-shirt there but also few articles. As you can see above I wrote 2 articles about blogging and I really enjoy doing it. Is is a pleasure to do something you love. It is a hard and stressing job but it is so worth it.