2. 8. 2015

Blogger = model ??

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Lately I have been thinking about blogging and everyone´s craving to make it in the blogging world. Most of us started the blog as a hobby but after years of posting, taking pics and handling social media everyone wants a recognition. There are several ways that can make your life better and make you feel like the work was worth it. For me the biggest one is receiving lovely comments from people from all over the world. It is nice when someone takes a time and leaves you a little note. Blog cannot work without other people. Secondly, you can be invited to events like fashion shows or pop-up shops to write a little article about it. Free clothes or beauty products is another way. And the biggest one (in my opinion) is to be featured in a printed magazine. I always wondered what is the reason that editor will put you there. Having a lot of followers, being popular on Facebook...those are indead important. But I found out that it is a lot about your look. Are you slim with beautiful skin, hair and ability to pose? Then you are our person even though not a lot of people know about your blog. So I started thinking when bloggers became models? For me the most important thing is if the blogger has original articles and pics showing interesting personal style. I am not looking for a perfect girl with size 6. What do you think? Do you care how the blogger looks like or what is she showing?

31. 7. 2015

Frisco, focení, blogerky = super kombinace

I love meeting other bloggers (well at least the nice ones who are not pretending to be better than everyone else) and I was so excited to be a part of a photo shoot with Czech blogger Denisa. I have never met her personally and I was shocked when I found out she is from the same city as me and she knows my sister. I keep saying it....the world is such a small place. The shooting was so much fun and I cannot wait to see the result in Cosmo because Denisa did a fantastic job. This is pretty much the best part of my new job. Meeting great people from the same industry.

28. 7. 2015

Summer maxi dress

česká blogerka, české blogy o módě, módní blogerka, stáž v cosmopolitanu
I am really happy at the moment. Back in Aberdeen I had great friends and ok job (with great money) but every day was the same. You work in the morning, come home, meet your friend and go for a dinner or drink with them. I am not saying I didn't like it but right now everything is completely different. I have no idea what the next week is going to bring (maybe I will be interviewing Ryan Gosling....or more likely organising archive, but I am getting there :D). I started my placement a week ago and so far I already had a chance to go to an art exhibition, assist a photo shoot and write an article. And upcoming days will be even more busy and fun. I have another photo shoot on Thursday and next Wednesday I will be on a picnic with five fashion bloggers and our Cosmo team. Working for a magazine is so much fun, though it is a hard work. 
Those pics were taken on Sunday when me and my mom were discovering Prague's restaurants. You can see more on my Instagram so don't forget to follow. :)

26. 7. 2015

Black and white

česká blogerka, módní blogerka, lucie srbová, style without limits

As you can see most of my outfits are super colorful. I just love playing with different shades and patterns. However, today I have decided to wear a simple, yet stylish black and white outfit. I discovered this awesome coat in Primark and I absolutely fell in love with it.
So far my weekend was pretty good. Yesterday I met my friend who lives in Aberdeen and today I am celebrating my birthday with my mom. Looks like we are gonna have a cocktail...or two. I am so excited to see what the next week at work is going to bring. The only thing I am still struggling with is finding a photographer or a blogger who would cooperate with me. It is way easier to work with someone who love doing the same things than standing in the middle of the street with a tripod (I am still scared someone is going to grab it and run away).

24. 7. 2015

Behind the scene with Cosmopolitan

časopis cosmopolitan, focení, stáž u comspolitanu, cosmobloggers

During the end of last semester I was thinking about creating a new topic for my blog that would differ my blog from others. It was really hard since there are thousands of them covering almost everything. And then I started working for Cosmopolitan. This experience allows me to access photo shoots, events and art exhibitions and I think it will be great to share it with you. So apart from my everyday outfits I will be sharing photos featuring how it works in the editorial office. I hope you will like it because I was always interested in what is going on behind the scene. And trust me....it is totally different than in the movie Devil Wears Prada. :)

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22. 7. 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

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I cannot believe I am 25 years old! It feels like yesterday when I celebrated my 18th birthday. So much have changed since that and most of it was for better which I am very grateful for. I study what I love, live in a great city and have the best friends ever (sadly most of them are thousands kilometers away). I really hope this year will be my year and I will achieve as much as I can. I want to thank all my followers for such a great support, even at times when I was posting twice a month. :) Thanks!

21. 7. 2015

My first day at work

Hello everyone. The new chapter of my life just began and I am really excited to see what this year is going to bring. I just moved to the new flat in Prague and hopefully I will be able to unpack soon (my uncle's been living in boxes for almost two years so I don't want to end up like him). I also started my placement in Cosmopolitan magazine which is still pretty unreal. I was worried that I would be treated differently since I am not a proper employee but everyone is super nice so far. I have my own computer and I already started working on an article for the next issue. Moreover, I am going to write a small article about an art exhibition that I am going to visit this week. Well….so far it sounds pretty amazing and I hope this would be a huge step in chasing my dream job.
I was also relieved when I found out that I can wear whatever I want to. I don't think I would survive in the environment where I am only allowed to wear pencil skirt and white skirts. I want to be able to dress according to my mood. I felt like this overal was a great outfit for work. It is super comfortable but also fashionable.
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