24. 11. 2015

Giveaway with Eppi

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Hello everyone. I know I have been a bit lazy with my blog lately and I want to thank all people who have been supporting me so far. As a thank you I would like to send a gift to one of my lovely readers. I paired up with an amazing jewellery shop Eppi to bring you a wonderful giveaway. One lucky winner (the giveaway is open internationally) will get this gorgeous pair of earrings. You will also get a certificate that it is real and special cloth for cleaning. All you have to do is to fill the Giveaway form below (write you email and name to the form and click begin) and wait if you are the lucky person. The giveaway ends on 15th December so the prize can be hopefully delivered to you before Christmas as a little gift from me. Good luck! :-)

18. 11. 2015

I like to Yelp

yelp praha, yelp, aplikace, hodnocení restaurací, bohemian retro, grand fierro
Hello everyone. Today I am going to introduce to you my favorite app that brought me so much fun. It is called Yelp and I am sure that you must heard of it since it is very popular abroad. Sadly not so many people here in the Czech Republic know about it but hopefully it will get more popular. If you never heard of it Yelp is an app that is pretty easy to use and it helps you to discover great restaurants, bars and services around you. All users can write reviews, upload pics and send tips so you can see if visiting of the particular place is worth it. It is amazing app for those who just moved to a new place and they are looking for good places to hang out. The other amazing thing about the app is the group of people behind it. If you use it on daily basis and write interesting reviews you can become a Yelp Elite which allows you to visit very interesting events. The manager Míša is the friendliest person I have met and she always comes up with great ideas. I have been Elite only for few months and I have already attended so many fun events. My first event (the Newbie night) was in restaurant Gran Fierro where we tried amazing cocktails and food. We also had a Halloween hunt, talk by several fashion designers and we visited gorgeous penthouses in local hotel. So as you can see it is not only about food and drinks but pretty much about everything. If this sounds interesting to you, you should definitely visit yelp.com and create an account. I did it and it was the best thing I have done since I moved to Prague because it helped me to meet new people and have so much fun. All pics taken by photographers from Geometria.ru.

13. 11. 2015

Yellow necklace

wayfarer, žlutý náhrdelník, módní blogerka, blogerka z prahy, lucie srbová
Happy Thursday. The working week is almost over and I have to admit that I really enjoyed this one. I only worked on couple of things so I had more time for fun. I saw the new Bond movie which I think was pretty good. It is not a masterpiece but that is understandable because it is simply James Bond. It is a film which allows you to relax and not think about what is happening. I also went to couple of events from work and I created a new project with designer Jana Minaříková.
This time I am not wearing anything from her atelier but you can see my newest necklace from Wayfarer. I really like the colour cause it reminds me of summer and it is fresh and cute. I paired it with another cute piece from my closet, a pink coat from Miss Selfridge. Oh how I miss shopping in the UK....and having money. :-) Well I am sure I will survive one year without salary and then the shopping madness can begin again.

8. 11. 2015

Fur vest

sammydress, fur vest, módní blogerka, blogerky z prahy, lucie srbová, móda
Hello everyone. The weekend is over and I have to come back to Prague to work. I am not very excited cause the weather is absolutely amazing but what can I do. At least I am going to see the new Bond movie tomorrow so I have one thing to be excited about. Have you seen it?
Today I am going to show you another new piece I just got. It is a fur vest and as you probably know I love everything made from fur (the fake one, of course). This one is from online shop Sammy Dress and it is currently on sale. I paired it with an elegant white shirt and blue skirt. What do you think of the combo? I also decided I will post only twice a week cause I am super tired and sadly don't have much free time for blogging.

4. 11. 2015

Redheads do it better

blogerky pro zoot, jana minaříková, návrhářka, módní blogerka, redheads do it better
Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are enjoying the week as much as I am. I finally slowed down at work and started having fun. I am so glad I joined the Yelp community because the people are absolutely amazing. I went with them for a Halloween hunt which was so much fun and also helped me discovered a really cool place in Žižkov. Today I am going there for a painting workshop so I am really excited. I am also going to a spa in couple of hours so it looks like a really good day.
Today I am here with a special outfit because it combines two pieces that I really love. First is the T-shirt I designed for an online shop ZOOT. The second item is the long coat that comes from Jana Minaříková's atelier. This is one of my favorite pieces from her. It is elegant and very warm (which is handy at the moment). And it wouldn't be me if I didn't add some colour. :-)

2. 11. 2015

Giraffe skirt

wayfarer, sukně s žirafím potiskem, česká blogerka, praha, lucie srbová

As you probably noticed I decided to post little less regular than I used to. I used to post almost 4 times a week but I realized it takes so much time. Blogging is a hobby for me and it should stay that way. I don't want to spend way too much time doing it while I can be doing something else....like going to the gym, hanging out with friends etc. Anyway this time I am going to show you a new skirt I have from online shop Wayfarer (you could already see one post about this shop here). I really like animal prints but I have to admit I never had anything with giraffe print so this is the first time. It is quite a statement piece but as you know I love stuff like that. What do you think about it?

29. 10. 2015

Mobile apps

Shopping, shopping....I could do this a whole day. But lately I was thinking which way is the best to buy new clothes. I am very old fashioned and even though I cannot live without my laptop or phone I prefer going to a shop where I can try everything on. The online shopping is awesome, especially when you live in a city with 10 shops, but it happened to me so many times that the clothes just didn't fit. And then the whole process of returning it is so annoying so I usually keep the item and don't wear it. So if I can choose where to shop I will not go for eshops. Howerever, when it comes to buying accessories and handbags I am absolutely ok with online shopping. It is very unlikely that the bag won't fit you and the only problem can be a different size or colour than on pics. Lately I tried to use a mobile app to buy something and I have to admit I did it for the first time....and probably last. The shop is absolutely amazing, there is no doubt about it. The app is called DealSale and you can you can download if you have Android or iPhone and it is of course for free (not the clothes, just the app :)). They offer really great stuff and I got this fantastic handbag (it is a bit childish but who cares), necklace and eyeshadow palette. The reason why I won't buy stuff through app is because it is too unorganized for me. My phone is quite small and if I want to see what they offer I had to spend hours to go through everything. I think I am just too old for this. I don't have the need to have mobile apps for shopping if I can buy stuff online. What is your opinion? Do you use mobile apps and why?